Badass balthier by EatToast

Balthier, demonstrating his girth

Balthier (real name Ffamran mied Bunansa) is the sexiest bastard and the true leading man of Final Fantasy XII. However, because Yiazmat likes 'em young Vaan ends up on the cover instead, much to Balthier's amusement.

Who gets all the girls, though? Balthier.

Who has the respect of an entire bunny village? No one. They are out of everyones' league.

Who's a sky pirate already? Balthier.

This Jesus Christ Superstar is pretty much a reincarnation of Bartz Klauser, and he later gets reincarnated into Sazh Katzroy after fulfilling his purpose in making it good to be a woman in Ivalice.

Except Bartz and Sazh aren't jackasses. (You're a jackass.)