Aqua Joy Love
Vital statistics
Name Aqua Joy Love
Japanese Name 虐待する母親を持つセクシーなチアリーダー
Age 22
Gender Female
Race Cheerleader
Height 5"4
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Home Whales, land of whales
Job Warrior Cheerleader Princess
Weapon Pom-Poms
Ultimate Weapon Traumatic Glitter
Limit Break Tears of Love and sexy dreams~

"This one time, after cheerleading practice..."

Trauma, sex appeal, what else is there to say?

Aqua is the hottest cheerleader around, which isn't hard on GameFAQs.....

She's just a sweet innocent young girl!

Abused by her hot mom and made to constantly perform gratuitous acts with her hot cheerleading friends in public, Aqua is a self-proclaimed tortured soul.

She makes herself known through topics about "Dissidia quotes backfiring"

Nobody can match up to her good looks and charm, and anyone who tries is obviously delusional!

Her hot mom seems like a lovely person.

Known by her friends for downing a pint of vodka when they all said she couldn't...


Aqua's Hot Mom(damn son!)