Alantor30, also known as Alantor25, Alantor29, Alantor2015, and MewMewFan, after suffering constantly from a bunch of cool dudes, he decided to get an alt account to reduce the damage, which is a TOU offense.

Coming with an Internet Tough Guy complex, he thought that yelling out threats will scare people. It greatly backfired. Now, he insults Elice_Carol on this wiki (anonymously, I must mention) and is pressed about his ex AshyNuts in general. Lastly, is a huge faggot. Comparable to TheGreatFaggot himself, despite being a massive homophobe who hates LGBTs because "they may mistreat straight people." Treat him with disdain on sight.

Was re-considering taking AshyNuts back after she switched(twitched) back to her BlueWaffle alter. Currently in amisdt a paternity battle against Kupo to see which one is the father of Ashy's baby (hint: neither wants to be the father of the creature that comes out of that).

After getting suspended from GFAQs by a moderator, he cried out a river on NepBoard about how he hates GFAQs and its corrupted moderators who never banned users he don't like, but banned him instead.

He then encountered Romangelo, one of his enemies on Siliconera, he keeps bashing him with hate speech and a bunch of childish name callings. Romangelo reported him and Siliconera suspended him from their website.

He also got suspended from Gematsu for insulting other users.

According to his NISAmerica forum profile, he is 28 year old and have mental illness. He's receiving free money from his government and doesn't have a job.

Alantor is a sicked pedophile who want to have a "wild monkey sex" with a young girl character in Hyperdimension Neptunia games.


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