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"Trying to make the most out of this galaxy

they've locked us in."



Japanese Name

AesopRockz... still

Kana/ Romaji

イーソプ・ロクズ/ issopu






With two legs


Wherever the heart is.


Crazy-ass Headbutt

Kamehameha x1000

All of fiction in the palm of my hand!

Ultimate Weapon


"I'm trying to make the most out of this galaxy they've locked me in."


AesopRockz "Aesop", is the protagonist of this fuckery. Humanities last hope in the form of a cool calm mofo. He just happened to stumble across GFAQS one day really. Little did he know, he had just walked into an onslaught of trolls and martyrs with no conceivable way of leaving without some sanity loss. Will he fulfill his purpose and end such tyranny? Or will he just crack open another soda, kick his feet up and watch it all burn?

Only time will tell. In the mean time grab the end of your bed post and lets not sully this magical moment.


Born on a red star known as Ohmehfunkingawd that was on collision with Earth, Aesop always knew he was different from other children. He would tell his parents about how he was being stalked by a scary man that keeps telling him about fate.         

Tumblr lyvon7zJzU1qm6w09

What are you doing? Go and fulfill your destiny!

In his early years Aesop got into the Final Fantasy series. This motivated him to make his account so he can share his love with other members. His first title being FFIII on the Famicom and his personal favorite being FFV. Though a war zone, Aesop has found many cool individuals that he can share his opinions with. These fellow party members might just be the only thing keeping him coming back for more GFAQS abuse.


Titled Fear, Aesop's theme consists of a heavy ambiance with drums and eerie sound effects. This shit is dope you guys.



Aesop's Theme



  • The only sport AesopRockz cares to following is boxing.
  • SugerFlakes has made it clear that he should hurry and find a waifu before they're all gone.
  • His favorite Final Fantasy protagonist happens to be Prishe from Final Fantasy XI.
  • He is probably one of the few brave enough to like Vaan and Squall.
  • Is best known for being that one guy from Gfaqs.
  • User name is based on and underground emcee.
Tumblr mrqn7oFOCT1qgajhoo1 500

Dat ass

  • Has caught your woman checking him out.


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